Friday, October 14, 2011


I know a lot of pet owners who don't want to get their dogs or cats fixed, because they think it will alter their personalities or "take away their manhood" (most owners with this attitude are men with male pets - just sayin'). It's really easy to shut your eyes to the overpopulation problem, but that isn't the answer. I volunteer at a local animal shelter, and it's very sad to see all the animals who have been thrown from cars, abandoned in the streets, or worse - just because their owners couldn't take care of them. Problems like these are a direct result from overpopulation. 

Check out this awesome video from the Alliance for Humane Action:

If you know someone who has a negative attitude about spaying and neutering their pets, please talk to them. Here are some facts from the Human Society's website:

-About half of all animals brought into the shelters are adopted. The other half are euthanized.
-Dogs and cats don't have a sense of gender identity or ego, so getting them spayed or neutered will not affect their personalities.
-Most states have clinics within driving distance that will provide spay and neuter operations for $100 or less, and many veterinary clinics provide discounts through subsidized voucher programs. Bottom line: It's much cheaper to have the procedure done than paying to raise litter after litter.
-Even purebred dogs and cats should get fixed - at least one fourth of all animals in the shelters are purebreds.

To learn more, please visit the Human Society's website.

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