Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mission Statement

I am a cat person. This is also an understatement. The sight of any given feline on the street makes me gush. I frequently stay home on Saturday nights to hang out with my girl, Ghostface Killah. I talk to them, and am convinced that they talk back to me. My friends call me a "cat lady," and while I think this label is deserved, the image it conjures in every mind is...inaccurate. I am a 24-year old socially functional individual with normal physical features and a stable relationship. No ammonia-soaked ragged clothing on this girl. And I do not make weepy YouTube videos about how much I want to put all the world's cats in baskets with bows, either.

My dream is this: The cat lady image must not bring to mind the old, marriage-resistant sociopath or the frizzy-haired hoarder who wades through hairballs and feces to forage for another rusty can of Fancy Feast for her babies. Here you will find cat-related news, photos, stories, and information for the NEW cat ladies (and cat guys).
Hide your passion no longer! You don't have to be deformed or poverty-stricken to love cats! Together, we can turn this prejudice around and create a friendlier perception of feline fans - no craziness required.

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